Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Piggy Bankkk {veinticinco25}

We'll buy a Trinket or two. - Smashley

Today was not a good idea. - Courtney Allread

He was lookin' fine today. - Austin Tay

I would kick the crap out of him. That guy better have steel balls. - Monique

I'm just gettin' ya moist.. - Caity

It is a fragile car, and we are holding cups! - Elena

Unless you've been in their shoes or walked in their situation... - Manweiler

Don't limit your time. Limit your friends. - Austin Tay

I want a Child. - Meghan Simonson

Protect your Junk? - Whitni Atkin

You know how you gave us acid? -Glen
I did not give you acid! - Manweiler

I was tan. Then i washed it off. - Caity

How did a snail get inside the house?? - Mom

Don't bite it! I sprayed it with hairspray! - Urban Renewal Lady

You're the classic Jew. - Brock Doman

There's people in that flower! - Caity

hey, can I get a shot of that? Smoothie? - Zach Frazier

Today has been a weird day for facebook. - Doman

I don't wanna hear about audie and mastin! - Nicole

Do anybody need a tea light? - Brother King

It's not like I haven't peed outdoors, because I did on the golfcourse once. - Jazzy Candland

It felt really good when you were stroking my leg. - Jordan Hardman

Auditorgym - Austin Tay

This leg is gonna take state! - Braden

You need to have a companion that wants the best for you. - Amy Brinkerhoff

A person with no arms could have done a better plant transplant. - Kyle Cabell

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things I'm Grateful for.

This weekend has been one of the LONGEST weekends of my life. Thursday morning I woke up at 6:00 and left for a two day Unified Studies Campout, then ten minutes after we got back, I left on a bus to State Solo and Ensemble at Lone Peak High School. Over these 72+ hours, I had time to think about, and time to miss the things that I'm most grateful for in my life.

1. My Parents - I might complain about, and fight with my parents, but at the end of the day (The long day of camping, or bus riding) I'm so thankful for them. I'm thankful for the relationship that I have with my parents, because I've realized that some people don't have a relationship with their parents, or not as great of a relationship as I have. I appreciate everything that my parents do, and even though I don't show it all the time, I love them more than anyone.

2. Mi Hermanita - Wow. I can't believe I'm saying this, but Emily is probably one of my best friends in the WHOLE wide world. I can tell her anything, and even though we fight like cats and dogs do, I love her sooo much.

3. A clean room - I've been SO busy over the past month, and I haven't really had a chance to clean my room very well. I do what I can here and there, and speed clean, but It's never as good as being able to sit down for two hours and just CLEAN! Cleaning my room is one of the most rewarding things! I feel organized, and on top of life when I have a clean room.

4. My Co-workers - I love, love, love, my job! I have been away from work for four days, and I feel so disconnected on all of the Payless Gossip and fun! I can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! Anyone need a shift covered?

5. Orchestra - This weekend was my LAST State Solo and Ensemble EVER. I've gone every single year of high school, and I've had a blast! I can't believe it's almost over. I can't believe that Orchestra is almost over. I've been playing the violin for eight years, and if I don't find time for it in my life, then it will all be over with. I don't have time to play in the College Orchestra, and I don't really have the desire to. I think back on all of the summers where I haven't picked up my violin at all, and I can't help but imagine what a lifetime of no orchestra classes will do to me. It's now or never for my violin, and I have to figure out what I'm going to do, but I am SO grateful for the eight years that I've spent in music, and especially grateful for the most amazing teacher, Kirsten Candland.

6. Listening to Music - I haven't been able to actually LISTEN to music in SO long! The State S&E bus rides provided some long needed music listening time. I put in my John Mayer; Where the Light Is CD, and let his voice carry me away. To this day, that's the best Album that I have ever bought.

7. My Closet - When you're away on a trip, you don't have all of your clothes, and you live out of suitcases, which is the most terrible and un-organized thing for me! I never really realized how much I appreciate my closet. I love, love, love being able to have all of my shoes with me, and being able to match outfits up. I almost died with only four pairs of shoes on the State S&E trip, and I only took ONE pair on the Campout! Talk about willpower. #Shoeaholic

8. My house - I had ten minutes in between the Campout, and the S&E trip, and I HAD to go home. It wasn't that I really needed to get anything, I just had to be here, and I had to see my house. It's a symbol of my family, and being home, even without my family, is almost like having them there! I love my house, and my yard, and my room, and my family, and my neighborhood!

There are so many other things that I'm thankful for, but these have been the most impressive over the past few days. ♥

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Holler. ♥

Holler at Seniors.
Holler at Graduating.
Holler at iPod Warranties.
Holler at Ceramics.
Holler at The youth spectacular.
Holler at Snow Cones.
Holler at Espain.
Holler at Elena coming to visit.
Holler at getting your homework done.
Holler at photoshoots.
Holler at missionaries.
Holler at Senior Portraits.
Holler at Carly Grace Photography.
Holler at earning money.
Holler at ditching school.
Holler at InstaGram(Cam).
Holler at the best Exec. Year evv's.
Holler at Samantha Richeson coming to town. (Even though I haven't seen her yet.)
Holler at Caity Rose for getting a job at petco.
Holler at Twitter.
Holler at 1988 vehicles.
Holler at my dad for being to fix ANYTHING.
Holler at sunsets.
Holler at sleeping in.
Holler at Tiffany Blue.
Holler at Cold Case.
Holler at Criminal Minds.
Holler at the 100th anniversary of Titanic.
Holler at Gotye, Hard core.
Holler at my green thumb.
Holler at life.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Insta-Update ♥

For all of you without Instagram! It's practically my new blog ♥Sorry MCOK.

Photography is SO great right now! :)
We re-modeled the upper level!
My style lately ♥
First snow cones of the year!
Junior prom with the girls! Driving Mad's 'burb in Samantha's huge dress!
Totally into gardening! Thanks Plant and soil science!
Happy Easter love Elena y' Nicole!
Preference with Shae! Prob. the funnest dance yet.
Interviewing the Blue Angels!
So happy Elena came to visit!!
My best quote, thanks to Ashley E!
Girls night at Mad's with Ash, and Elena!
Surprise Birthday Party.
I got the Steiner corp. scholarship!! ♥♥ sooo happy about it!
Saw the Vow with Brittany D!
S.J. came to visit!
Caity's Birthday!! :)
Head scarfs. ♥
Easter Egg dying!
Ceramic field trip to SUU with Mrs. D!
KTWulf and I at DQ!
Teaching Elena how to drive!!
Trip to Orderville with Maddie and the Hoff!
The tramp is fixed!
Ceramic Field Trip!
Got into the Y!
Ditching school for the State game!!
Thrifting! My fav. hobby!
I finally finished my online class!!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Piggy Bankkk (24)

I have those pants! - Braden Wood

Nicole Winona, 100% seminary attendance! - Brother Jones
Who did you pay?!? - Kevan Webb

We're gonna die! I've only been driving fifteen seconds! - Elena

Once on the way back from a cross country trip a girl slept on my lap. - Joey Powell

I usually don't know what I'm doing - Austin Taylor

Son, you don't mess with people's butts. - Parent at Pretzel Maker

I always wanted a man with pigtails. - Mindy Deschamps

You are a mean firecrotch - Elena

Don't worry guys, I'm just the school douche bag. - Art Cowells

You just want him for his body - Amy
Well I don't want him for his age. - Caity

How long have you been awake? - Nicole
Like four seconds - Elena

My dog usually eats a lot of popcorn. - Mrs. Manweiler

He is really hot. - Mrs. Lowe

Women in uniform. You don't want to piss them off - Air Show Girl

I don't like to take pictures. I like to be in pictures - Elena

Don't give away your pretzels - Nicole

I feel like a total redneck - Elena

I pretty much hate everyone who's not me, or who doesn't like me. - Elena

I almost hit toy bombs with my car! - Maddie

If I was gettin' a diamond I would want to buy it from Canada. - Dad

We are so cute... I am especially cute! - Elena

he's like the brother I never wanted. - Jessica Webb

Those words all make sense, just not when used together. - Emily

When your whimms are figured, let me know. - Dad

I'm not talking to them anymore. One misquotes me, and the other is a brat. - Dad

Elena and I saw two dead cows today. - Nicole
How dead were they? - Mom

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thanks Josh.

I'm completely addicted to this song! ♥♥♥ it to the max! It's the first song I put on in the car! :)

p.s. sorry about the lame music video... There isn't an official one :/

Monday, February 27, 2012